Albuquerque and Santa Fe are two of the latest urban areas to have been named host cities of CreativeMornings, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community worldwide.

CreativeMornings was started in New York in 2008, as a platform for creatives to come together. As of April 2015, there were 109 chapters internationally. Creative Startups is responsible for bringing the events to New Mexico. (See Creative Startups’ application video below.)

The gatherings, which are open to anyone, provide light breakfasts to attendees who hear a speaker talk for 20 minutes about the theme of the month. For example, the theme for March was “ink,” which could be interpreted in a variety of ways – as tattoo artist, screen printer, writer, etc.

A different host city selects the theme each month, and that topic is assigned to participating cities around the globe. These include New York, Oakland, Zurich, London, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe will rotate events monthly, with Albuquerque’s breakfasts occurring the second Tuesday of September and November at locations to be announced. (See calendar.)

Creative Startups will choose speakers who can then use the forum as a pathway to discovering more about themselves as creatives, and to offer tips about what makes them successful in their business.



For Santa Fe events:

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