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Is Albuquerque The Next Trendy City?

Is Albuquerque primed to be the next Austin? Our Gnational Gnomad and travel expert Meagan Wristen of Mommy Travels ventured out to Albuquerque to discover the answer.

It has been almost two decades since I stepped foot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I decided to take a trip here after reading Mayor Richard Berry’s public letter to Amazon on Twitter back in September. He passionately tried to sway the company to open a second headquarters in his city. This did not sound like the Albuquerque I remembered, so I set off to see this transformation in person.

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Visit Albuquerque In 2018 For A Glimpse Of A City On The Come Up

“Where are the cool people and places in Albuquerque?” I ask my fifth Uber driver since arriving in the city. Settling into the black SUV, desperately thankful for the air conditioning and reprieve from the sun, I wait for the intel I need.

“Cool places?” the driver asks. “Yeah… we don’t have those.”

Again? God. Damn. It. And, I am oh-for-five.

With full confidence, I can say that the City of Albuquerque needs to host some sort of summit with their Uber drivers, because they do not upsell the city. There’s not even any Breaking Bad chat, though there is plenty of griping about neverending mass transit projects.

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Immigrants are vital to startup communities across the U.S.

On November 13, Albuquerque mayor Richard J. Berry (R) awarded local nonprofit WESST a $75,000 Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Prize for the organization’s La Escalera program, which is specifically designed to aid immigrant entrepreneurs.

As he gave the award to WESST, which promotes small business training and development in New Mexico, Mayor Berry stated, “Like a lot of my fellow mayors, I believe immigrants and refugees are underleveraged assets in entrepreneurial ecosystems.”

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We Could Use Nuclear Research to Fight a War. Or, We Could Use it to Fuel Innovation (Like in Albuquerque)

New Mexico’s largest city is building one of America’s most unique innovation districts.

There is a good chance that if you know anything about Albuquerque, New Mexico, you know it for being the setting of Breaking Bad.

However, around the time Bryan Cranston’s meth-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White died in a gunfight (rest in peace, Mr. White!), Albuquerque began building Innovate ABQ, one of the most unique innovation districts in the country. Rather than focusing on incubating the next Instagram or Snapchat, Albuquerque’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem focuses on “Democratizing the resources entrepreneurs need to succeed,” according to Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry.

In other words, Innovate ABQ focuses on putting previously unavailable or cost-prohibitive resources in the hands of entrepreneurs and startups.

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Tossing It All Away: New Job, New Path, New Life

Lindsay Novak gives advice to a registered dietician and health consultant who created a healthy dessert company on how a change in location can help pave the way for commercial success.

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New Mexico Beckons

Albuquerque is open for business! It is a city on the rise that is positioning itself to be “the smart city of tomorrow”. Here people think big and are passionate about creating; it’s a place where transformational ideas come to life.

The city of ABQ and the University of New Mexico are transforming the city into an entrepreneurial hub… offering millennials, start-ups, and budding entrepreneurs shared incubation work space and equipment, research and development labs, job opportunities with racial and gender equality, a hip downtown an affordable lifestyle, and trendy restaurants and bars.

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Lexi Palmer Promotes Horse Wellness At EquiSeq

Lexi Palmer is the CEO of EquiSeq, a research company dedicated to analyzing the genetic material of horses to improve breeding. An avid equestrian from birth, Lexi has been immersed in various aspects of equestrian life most of her life with a focus in the hunter/equitation discipline.

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Trish Lopez Bridges The Technology Divide With Teeniors™

Trish Lopez is the founder and CEO of Teeniors™, a social entrepreneurial small business based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having seen her own mother struggle to adapt to the digital world and learning about the lack of intergenerational opportunities, she was determined to find a community solution to help both seniors and young adults.

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Charles Ashley III is Cultivating Coders in New Mexico

Charles Ashley III is President & Founder of Cultivating Coders, a New Mexico based company that provides technical training in web and mobile application development to rural, tribal, inner-city and underserved urban areas that lack resources in coding education.

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Albuquerque Undergoes Extensive Prep for Economic Growth

The plane circled above the sun-dried high-desert city of Albuquerque, giving passengers a full view of the Sandia Mountains that form the eastern boundary of the Albuquerque Basin. From aboveground, the city of Albuquerque seems sprawling with many low-level adobe homes stretched across the landscape until finally dwindling out into the red clay landscape.

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How To Rebrand A City

Products and people are brands. Why can’t the same be true for cities? In recent years, cities have realized the value of creating a brand image to attract businesses, residents, and tourists. Some cities have even moved on to overhauling their existing brand to help stimulate growth and investment.

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The Best Ten Things To Do In Albuquerque

I ghost-hunted, mountain trekked and jalapeno-margarita’d my way through this desert town.

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